COVID-19: How can we explain differences in mortality?

Why is it that COVID-19 fatality rates appear to be so different for males and females? And why is it that differences between regions within a country and between countries are so large? As is customary in these situations, multiple factors will explain a small fraction of the outcome, but none of them will explain very much.

This article by Alberto Palloni (PI of the ECHO project) and Stephan Walter (Rey Juan Carlos University), featured in the Population Europe Policy Insights, discuss the possible mechanisms that explain mortality differences related to COVID-19.

On the long-term impact of COVID-19

Why not take advantage of the possibilities that this calamity opens up? Why not offer future researchers the possibility of assessing effects of interest more robustly than their ancestors could with the scant data available from the 1918 pandemic?

Alberto Palloni (PI of the ECHO project) and Stephan Walter (Rey Juan Carlos University), authors of this article, propose to build a children longitudinal study which will offer the possibility to understand the long-term impacts of the current COVID-19 crisis.