Lecture ‘Echoes from the past and the evolution of human mortality’ by Alberto Palloni – Demography Today

The decline of human mortality is a unique phenomenon that distinguishes the evolution of Homo Sapiens from that of other species. In the short span of two hundred or so years human life expectancy at birth increased from roughly 30 years to values exceeding 85 years, well past the ages of reproduction. Although there is substantial diversity, most human populations have shared this progress, largely attributable to a scientific revolution and a cascade of technological breakthroughs that the explosive growth of scientific knowledge makes possible. Will past gains in survival continue to accrue, even if at substantially reduced rates? Barring natural disasters, wars or epidemics, will universal improvements of human life expectancy continue in the short and medium run?

Watch the full video of the Demography Today lecture by Alberto Palloni here. The Demography Today Lecture Series are sponsored by the BBVA Foundation and organised by the Institute of Economy, Geography and Demography of CSIC.