Alberto Palloni

Project Director, IEGD

S.H. Preston Emeritus Professor of Population, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Degrees: B.S. / B.A. 1967 – 1971 Catholic University of Chile, Department of Sociology, Ph.D. 1977 University of Washington, Department of Sociology

Actually position: Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison and PI Project ECHO, IEGD-CSIC Spain

Positions during life: 2002 Vice-President, Population Association of America, 2006 President, Population Association of America

Honors and Awards: 2005 Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2013 Fellow, American Academy for the Advancement of Sciences, 2014 Doctor Honoris Causa, Université Catolique de Louvain-Belgium, 2019 2019 IUSSP Laureate

Recent Publications:

Summary of the investigation:

Alberto Palloni’s research focuses on formal modelling of the adult health, disability and mortality effects of adverse early conditions (embryonic, in utero and early childhood). He is developing macrosimulation and microsimulation models utilizing inputs derived from empirical human and animal studies to formulate projections and forecasts of chronic illnesses, disability, and mortality. He is also working on the design of an integrated framework to better understand the future evolution of human health and longevity and the role played by various mechanisms of plastic adaptation that operate pre-pregnancy, pre- and post-implantation, during early infancy and later in the life cycle, including epigenetic variations and other non-genetic inheritance mechanisms. This research is based on analyses of longitudinal studies that include biomarkers, formalization using stochastic processes, and their translation into simpler multistate hazard models to represent trajectories of adult life course.